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25 May 2020

Research Seminar on the “Morphology of Thinking”

Online Meeting on June 3, 2020

Online Meeting organized by Professor Gianluca Cuozzo and Professor Jean Ehret as a cooperation between the Department of Excellency in Philosophy and Education Sciences of the University of Turin and the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society:

Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Time: 4PM to 6PM
Link Webex: CLICK HERE
Meeting Code: 329 098 308
Password: LsrsDfe202006

Guest speakers


4PM Introduction (G. Cuozzo & J. Ehret)

Professor Giovanni Durbiano: The form of the architectural project (25 min.)

When a student of architecture learns to draft and manage a project, what is exactly it that he learns? What kind of knowledge does he acquire? What does he become capable of doing? What powers do we exercise when dealing with a project? And what powers does the project exercise on its own, regardless of us and of what we want? I will try to answer these questions starting from a practical consideration of the present situation: this topic, today, is not being explored.

Response and Discussion

5PM Professor Mouez Khalfaoui: How the reception of the Coran influences Muslim’s thinking (25 min.)

This presentation will examine the relationship between the Qur’an, as the main text of the Muslim faith, and the life and actions of Muslims. The main thesis of my presentation is that the Qur’an was in a state of interaction with Muslims in the period of the emergence of Muslim culture (8-10th century). This relationship was lost in the course of time. In modern epoch, especially since the 1960s, a one-dimensional relationship between the two has emerged, in which only the Qur’an plays a role and dictates how Muslims behave… but this is only one side of the coin.

Response and Discussion

5:50PM Conclusion (G. Cuozzo & J. Ehret)
6PM End of the Seminar meeting
Research Seminar on the “Morphology of Thinking”
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