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7 July 2016

“Religion & Society”: Relationships to live, think, remodel

New start and innovation: the creation of the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society

Founded in 2015, the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society is the new name under which the Centre Jean XXIII now houses all of its research and teaching activities, offers for lifelong learning and adult education as well as its library. This institute will mainly focus on professionalizing training; special attention is devoted to ethics and transmission of religions in our pluralistic environment.

Its name, the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society, shows its rooting in our country by its reference to Luxembourg as well as our international opening by its title in English; but the most important element “&” is the one that symbolizes the link: religion & society maintain mutual relationships of influence, diversified according to the historical and cultural contexts, in permanent evolution. Studying these realities, understanding these complex relationships and even helping transform these processes, is a wide field of work.

The initiative to erect this new academic and educational actor was born from exchanges between colleagues; together, we want to create a place of deep reflection, a space to cultivate respectful dialogue between religions and philosophical convictions, innovative training programs closely linked to the evolution of our society and our religious communities. The openness to collaboration with other religions which signed an agreement with the State of Luxembourg is at the heart of our institution!

Academic freedom, methodological rigor, critical thinking, interdisciplinarity, multilingualism are all factors necessary to advance in the search for truth – and we devote ourselves to these attitudes, together with the welcoming of each person, the desire for justice and peace, solidarity with the weak, mutual respect and above all the desire to create sincere friendship relations with our students, visitors and partners. This is the price for making all research and training a fully human approach! So let us cultivate our humanity!

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