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Pr Dr Mouez Khalfaoui
8 June 2020

The Christian and the Muslim: Brothers in Humanity, Brothers in God

Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich meets Professor Mouez Khalfaoui, specialist in Islamic theology and law, visiting professor at the LSRS

At the heart of their exchange was the question of how each believer can seek to understand the word of God today in order to live it: how not to isolate the sacred texts from their historical contexts, how to read in order to allow oneself to be challenged by the ever greater God?

Two men of faith who also share their concern for the “common house”, their commitment to building a way of living together in peace and justice, their reluctance to all easy solutions that do not take care of real people.

Two academics – Cardinal Hollerich was vice-rector of Sophia University in Tokyo – who agree on the need to better disseminate the results of research work among the population and to develop models of formation that include the “presence of the other” as such.

A meeting full of humanity, spiritual depth and friendship.

Prof. Mouez Khalfaoui, Jean-Claude Cardinal Hollerich, Prof. Jean Ehret
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